Ba-doinger (ba_doinger) wrote,

Fun times working from home

I can’t freaking listen to Erasure’s “Mon L’amour” without thinking about Portlandia and giggling. I’ve actually been giggling a lot lately. The super sad thing about it is that I’m always alone when I do it.
Also, hours are spent daydreaming and creating memories of things that never happened but should’ve happened. *sigh*
I have a dilemma: If you attract losers, does that means you must be one too, right? *double sigh*
Depeche Mode
Very quickly, I have been wanting to do my dream Depeche Mode setlist (in no particular order). I was thinking about this after seeing them live…
1. See you
2. Blasphemous Rumors
3. Here is the house
4. Black Celebration
5. Enjoy the Silence
6. But not tonight (Dave Gahan and not Martin Gore singing)
7. A question of time
8. Strangelove
9. Behind the wheel
10. Sacred
11. Policy of Truth
12. Personal Jesus
13. Shake the disease
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