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Today day ends my first week at my new job. It's been a bit overwhelming and hectic but lots of fun.

I came home and, unintentionally, had the manliest dinner ever. It was a piece of beef wrapped in bacon, mashed potatoes and a shot of tequila. I totally lost my unexpected man points watching the Disney Channel while eating it.

The weirdest thing about work is the commute. I've never had to do a commute before. I walk to the bus stop then take an hour trip to town then repeat it at the end of the day. It's so necessary too - I seriously think it would be a huge hassle trying to drive my car all the way to work. On top of that, the parking permit is crazy expensive. I think it was like $100+ a month...a month!

I still don't have friends or a social life. I've been scoping around work and it seems like I'm not going to really find anyone cool enough to hang around with. I really think I'm going to be alone and friendless for the rest of my life...I'm not being mopey, I'm stating what I think is going to end up being my reality.

I think one day I'm going to do something big and substantial at work, but I'm going to be stuck as the loneliest person in the world.

I'm listening to random songs in Spanish - i tend to do that when I want to think of home lol.
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