Ba-doinger (ba_doinger) wrote,

Tequila, Groceries, Novelas, and Pizza

I had a very productive day writing stats code and giving life advice to budding academics interested in grad school. On the way home I thought I would cash in my voucher for my weekly tequila. Figured I could go all out and buy pizza (or English muffin pizza) to go along with my booze.

I get to the grocery store and I see this really sad couple holding up a sign. No one is paying attention to them. The man tries to talk to me and I see his sign: “Lost job, need help,” something like that.

I asked him if he needed groceries. I couldn’t hear him too well but it sounded like he said he needed food. Told him to stay there and that I’d be back with groceries. When I went back, they were gone. :(

I drove all over the neighborhood looking for them. I finally gave up and gave the groceries to the security guard.

“What do you want me to do if they don’t come back?”

“Give the groceries to someone who needs them.”

Goddammit… Jesus needs to stop putting sad foreign people that need food and then disappear in my path and put more vagina. That’s what I think… God, if you exist, I want more vagina.
I’m not sure if it was because I spent my money or because they didn’t get their groceries, but I wanted to cry…. I hope they got their groceries.

In otherrrrr news, I downloaded the Pokemon Go app. I’m not much of a game player and hate bandwagons, but thought a game that makes me go out and explore my surroundings is ok in my book.

I will now end my week with English muffin pizza, tequila, and novelas…
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