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James Blunt is High

I'm writing this because no one ever listens to my strange ideas (except for my old from UTEP who indulges me).

One time I was listening to "You're Beautiful" by Jame Blunt, uncensored, and was reading the comments. Someone pointed out that him saying "You could see from my face that I was f*cking high" really changes the song... I don't remember exactly what they said, but every time I hear the song, I don't imagine him heartbroken about a girl. I just imagine him really high...on a subway. Yeah, really high on a subway creepily staring at a couple.

I like to pretend that the entire song is about him having a 30 second stare at a girl that was riding the subway with her boyfriend. In his inebriated James Blunt pothead mind, those 30 seconds were probably a few hours or a few lifetimes.

In those epic 30 seconds, he had some weird multiple-worlds interpretations where he imagined some alternate reality where he got to spend his life with the cute subway girl. At some point he "faces the truth" that he's on a damn subway and he's not going to end up with her.

I bet after he got off the subway, he went home and wrote that song to forever live that moment.

Also, who uses so many positive adjectives? People on drugs, that's who...

Yes, James Blunt, your life is brilliant.

(I think I'm going to draw pictures of this blog post and put it on my tumblr lol).
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