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The Quirky World of Ba-doinger
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Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
5:54 pm
Ditched school and drank...
I couldn't sleep last night. The voices inside my head told me to quit academia - that my life would be easier...

When I finally woke up at 6am, I got ready and went to the gym and worked out...decided, after the gym, that I would go work the coffee shop. At the coffee shop, I worked next to a hipster that was shaking for all the caffeine he had consumed. It seemed like he was some sort of computer programmer - he was friends with ambig computer programmer girl, that's usually at the coffee shop with me. He kept pounding on the keyboard and tweaking out...

After working, I went to a bar a couple blogs away. EVERYONNNNE was either Spanish (from spain) or Irish...The bartender wasn't very nice, but she got away with it because of her damn Dolores O'Riordan. No joke, every time she came to ask me if everything was cool, I just kept picturing this in my head:

WTF is my landlord doing? Her and her Grey Gardens son are in front of my window doing something... they're always working on something in the house. Dude, when are you going to move away from home?

Current Mood: drunk
Saturday, September 17th, 2016
7:58 pm
Instagram is SkyNet...
I decided to make an instagram for my food blog the other day and it pops up with "suggestions for you," which is like a bunch of people they think you'd want to follow.

No joke, I freaked out by the suggestions. How the hell does it know that I know all those people?!

As I've gotten older, I've gotten more and more private and secretive about my online footstep - it seems like this "anonymous" food instagram was a step backward.

It suggested people from high school that I hadn't talked to in years, people from undergrad, people from grad school, friends of friends that I never interact with (How?!). No joke, it even suggested that I follow gym girl (my gym crush a billion years ago). It even suggested that I follow velouria...howwww does it know all this?

Instagram is skynet...
Friday, August 5th, 2016
7:48 pm
James Blunt is High
I'm writing this because no one ever listens to my strange ideas (except for my old from UTEP who indulges me).

One time I was listening to "You're Beautiful" by Jame Blunt, uncensored, and was reading the comments. Someone pointed out that him saying "You could see from my face that I was f*cking high" really changes the song... I don't remember exactly what they said, but every time I hear the song, I don't imagine him heartbroken about a girl. I just imagine him really high...on a subway. Yeah, really high on a subway creepily staring at a couple.

I like to pretend that the entire song is about him having a 30 second stare at a girl that was riding the subway with her boyfriend. In his inebriated James Blunt pothead mind, those 30 seconds were probably a few hours or a few lifetimes.

In those epic 30 seconds, he had some weird multiple-worlds interpretations where he imagined some alternate reality where he got to spend his life with the cute subway girl. At some point he "faces the truth" that he's on a damn subway and he's not going to end up with her.

I bet after he got off the subway, he went home and wrote that song to forever live that moment.

Also, who uses so many positive adjectives? People on drugs, that's who...

Yes, James Blunt, your life is brilliant.

(I think I'm going to draw pictures of this blog post and put it on my tumblr lol).
Friday, July 8th, 2016
7:16 pm
Tequila, Groceries, Novelas, and Pizza
I had a very productive day writing stats code and giving life advice to budding academics interested in grad school. On the way home I thought I would cash in my voucher for my weekly tequila. Figured I could go all out and buy pizza (or English muffin pizza) to go along with my booze.

I get to the grocery store and I see this really sad couple holding up a sign. No one is paying attention to them. The man tries to talk to me and I see his sign: “Lost job, need help,” something like that.

I asked him if he needed groceries. I couldn’t hear him too well but it sounded like he said he needed food. Told him to stay there and that I’d be back with groceries. When I went back, they were gone. :(

I drove all over the neighborhood looking for them. I finally gave up and gave the groceries to the security guard.

“What do you want me to do if they don’t come back?”

“Give the groceries to someone who needs them.”

Goddammit… Jesus needs to stop putting sad foreign people that need food and then disappear in my path and put more vagina. That’s what I think… God, if you exist, I want more vagina.
I’m not sure if it was because I spent my money or because they didn’t get their groceries, but I wanted to cry…. I hope they got their groceries.

In otherrrrr news, I downloaded the Pokemon Go app. I’m not much of a game player and hate bandwagons, but thought a game that makes me go out and explore my surroundings is ok in my book.

I will now end my week with English muffin pizza, tequila, and novelas…
Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
7:20 pm
Canada and Angry Tommy
Food Quest
There’s something really frumpy and white trash about Canada. Everyone was doughy, jolly and really polite and their food was amazingly fattening. I went to Vancouver for a conference, last week, and made sure to escape the clutches of my professor and clingy PhDs to explore the cuisine of Canada and now I need a bypass.
The first day I got there, I ate this western burger that had smoked white cheddar cheese…O-M-G, it was so good. I washed it down with a ginger ale – the Canadian way, eh. A couple days later, I sunk out of the conference and walked to another really fattening place. I had a grilled cheese sandwich that had “Montreal Smoked Meat.” I have no idea what it was, but it was amazing. Tried poutine and wasn’t that impressed. Fries with cheese and gravy is pretty good, but I’m pretty vanilla with my fries. Give me plain fries with ketchup, thank you very much.

Drama at the Conference
I love my old advisor, but he gets me in a lot of trouble. After eating my poutine, he found me and ambushed me in front of a group of people.

“Tommy, I have a proposal for you! Blah blah is homeless tonight and needs a place to stay. Can he room with you?”

I should’ve said no because I’m a private person and I hate strangers, but felt obligated. The agreement was that this mofo was going to pay me half and then sleep in a cot. He tried to haggle me to drop the price and kept insisting that “the bed was fine.” No, dude, the bed is not fine. I don’t want you sleeping in my bed.

Guy was annoying and took power naps in the bed before the cot came. After I had the cot taken away the next day, he still had his stuff in the room and came back for another power nap. I let him know that I was going to be checking out at 3am and he said he was going to get his stuff out of the room “after the cocktail hour.”

Cocktail hour came and went, the final talk came and went, it was about 11 pm until he came by to remove his stuff. By this time I was visibly pissed off. Found him and was like “you need to move your stuff out of my room now!” Guy was bumbling his words saying he thought everything was cool and didn’t know there were problems. I must have looked scary angry because some other douche tagged along while he got his stuff out.
I felt so bad my old advisor saw me so pissed off.

The end.
PS: Why is it that when I search for “Tonight, Tonight” on youtube, it autocorrects to that lame song and not the Smashing Pumpkins?
Saturday, June 18th, 2016
6:35 am
No Alarms and No Surprises
I’ve been everyone’s community therapists for as long as I can remember. Lately, people have been seeking out my free services a lot more than usual.  In order to have some quiet time in my life, I've gotten into the habit of silencing my phone around 8:30 and hoping that my brain shuts off to comfortably sleep. This morning I woke up to so many missed texts from people wanting to talk to me about their lives. One person wanting to report to me about their stats analyses, another wanted to talk to me on the phone about their problems, another wanted to report about a win at work.

It's become very clear to me that my emotional needs need to be met.
There’s something really ironic about me answering all these texts and calls when I’m living in a dark box, perpetually sitting in bed in my sad undies. It could be early in the morning or late at night – it makes no difference. It’s always dark and quiet and always feels like one long night. Sometimes I pace around and sometimes I squeeze my pillow like it was someone I loved very much.  *buzz buzz* Then I get a text from someone wanting me to make it all better. Didn’t the Neverending Story have some Swamp of Sadness? I probably live there now.
I think I posted that the girl I was dating (but then stopped) got mad at me and stopped talking to me. That lasted about a few months. She started talking to me again. Told me that there was a guy in her department they wanted to set her up with. There was no point to tell me that. A few weeks ago, she just stopped texting me or responding to my texts. There was no massive fight – one day she just stopped texting. I asked her last week where she had been. She just answered “IDK, just been antisocial.” Told her I was going to have a “graduation” for my training thing and never got a response. Yesterday, after a week of silence, she texted me a meme. I responded and never heard back from her. A couple hours, she texted me about school and how she wants to leave Arizona. Again, I texted back something like “sorry was at the graduation. What happened?” No answer again.
Jennifer Connelly
I have no idea how I got into this weird Jennifer Connelly movie marathon. When I was little, I thought she was really pretty but never really paid much attention to her movies. It’s those dark eyebrows *sigh* lol
Last night I saw Requiem for a Dream and it didn’t upset me as much as I heard it was going to. Lol I just kept wondering what my dark sad box would look like if it was a Requiem for a Dream montage.
A few weeks ago I saw Labyrinth. It reminded me of my ex-girlfriend from undergrad. She used to always watch that movie with her nephew. Ugh, I still can’t get “Dance Magic Dance” out of my head…
Bottom line: I have watched a ton of Jennifer Connelly movies, interviews, and behind the actors studio in my sad box. Lots of fun. I want to have a family so I could dress up like the Goblin King and force my kid to dress like the baby in the movie.

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, March 19th, 2016
7:37 pm
I rarely go to Castro, but I found a taco place I wanted to try. There was a really hot girl working as cashier so I bought a margarita and a sangria just to awkwardly stare at her. *sigh* :(

I ended getting kind of tipsy from the drinks and ended up using those public restrooms that self-clean.  After that, I took a 30 minute bus drive home – I ended up getting off and using the ladies restroom at McDonald’s before I took my second bus.

Boo, I wanted to write more but the tequila I’m sipping and the loneliness I’m experiencing made me lose my creativity. :(
My mom called – asked why I sounded sick lol…wah wah…

Last Tuesday I got really annoyed and depressed and left work early. I haven't been back since... No one's checked up on me...

Ugh, now I’m listening to 80s power ballads. Fml… 

Current Mood: drunk
Thursday, November 13th, 2014
7:20 pm
The Continuation of El Gato

November 1, 2013
I put up an ad on craigslist to help the cat find a forever home. Moments after the ad was posted, the ground shook and my email began to fill up. Apparently cat ads is a great way to  stir up the cat ladies.

I cleaned up the house and put all the cat’s stuff together  to give away. I kept thinking how sad it would be to see him go, but  me and my house would be happier (and him) if he found a nicer house to live in.

Then last night I freaking lost him lol. I was really drunk and I think he ran out the front door (like he sometimes does) and I probably just left him outside.

Typical unresolved Tommy ending lol.


Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
6:57 pm
The death match
October 26, 2013

It’s official. I think I was tricked into getting a pet. The cat has been chewing the wall and scratching the bed skirt (“this is why we can’t have nice things!”). I had to tuck in the skirt to save it, but now my bed looks so sad and gross.

It doesn’t matter how much I yell or how often I chase him, he just keeps doing it.  Also, why does he ALWAYS have dingleberries?!

I think one of us is going to come out of this house alive.


Saturday, November 1st, 2014
8:01 am
Cat Issues
I'm back in Arizona for a wedding and I kind of miss it (hence the damn Madonna song). I'll write an entry on it all later. For those of you interested in the El Gato Storyline from last year, here's the next installment! Ugh, I was so, so miserable...

October 23, 2013

I’ve been up since 3am because I’ve been thinking about the dumb cat. It threw up in  my bed and my place reeks. I know my friends thought they were helping me by having me take care of a pet, but I think it made my quality of life worse. I really don’t want anything to live with me or to sleep with me.

Knowing my goddamn luck, this cat is not going to find its owner and I’m going to be stuck with it.

On my way to school, I thought I saw Hairball crossing the street. She had big hair and big hips… Ugh, if I had the guts, I’d just put myself out of my misery.


Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
7:36 pm
El Gato
October 21, 2013

I’m the unexpected foster parent of a random cat. My friend came and dropped it off and told me to take care of it. I’m not a big fan of living things…

When I asked God for pussy, this isn’t what I was asking for. *sigh*

I think I’ll add this to my list of reasons why I think I’m cursed and/or God is like the God Depeche Mode sings about in “Blasphemous Rumours.”


I think I might call him Cheeseburger - it’s better than El Pinchi Gato


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
8:21 pm
Bad Drawings
I kept saying I would transfer all my bad drawings to my LJ. Backstory...I used to use tumblr to draw pics from my life. One of the students in my old program stopped talking to me and I had to delete my tumblr...So I have the pics but no captions (A few survived). I'll make sure to give back stories and,  hopefully, they're as funny as the day I wrote them.

October 30, 2013 

When “Hey Jude” plays forever, James Taylor makes you feel seasons, and you’re holding hands with the cat, you’re probably on something.

hey jude
7:59 pm
Breaking News: I am the new Ricky Martin
I believe it’s safe to say that I’m not the new incarnate Jesus. I don’t enjoy talking to people and I don’t enjoy talking to weirdoes – the type that are mentioned on the statue of liberty. Those huddled masses wanting to bug me for stuff.
Wednesdays have been reserved as my “work from home” day, which basically means I lie in bed watching Disney Channel and write a couple emails to look busy. To save myself a Thursday 5am trip to the gym, I decided to take the bus to the gym and then pick up hemmed Chino slacks from the tailor. (I thought it was a good idea to buy some slim chinos so I could wear boots to work and still look “professional.” The tight slacks + boots combination makes me look like a Jonas Brothers reject. Oh well.)

On my trip back home, I was waiting at the bus stop in my baggy sweats and a white t-shirt with my sleeves rolled up. I looked like sweaty doo-doo. I saw this hot, kind of slutty-looking thug girl in a white bare-midriff spaghetti-strap tank top and tight jeans walking my way. I think she was the type to get attention because she purposely went in front of me (It was so much easier to walk behind me). I noticed she was looking at me to see if I was looking at her.

I finally boarded my bus and the only free standing room was near a 50 year old lady with down syndrome. She kept scribbling on a newspaper and mumbling something to herself. A few stops later, we picked up a bag lady. She came into the bus with her sweaty bags full of bottles and crap. I had my headphones on listening to random 80s pop wistfully staring out at the hills and bumps on my route. I heard mumbles and could see the lady with all the bags looking at me trying to tell me something.

“Your hair. You have so much hair! All over! And dark eyebrows!”

“Oh, that’s the only place I have hair.” *I point to my bare arms*

“haHAAAA! I wasn’t about to go there!”

The lady told me all about her love for different languages and music. She told me how no one suspects that she’s a fan of Tom Petty and no one expects her to play the French Horn. She told me about her love for nuts and baking cakes (not eating them – just baking them).

Even though I act like a big curmudgeon, I really enjoy hearing about people’s lives. I guess I can relate to having no one to talk to. Anyway…

Most of her conversation revolved around me.

“I don’t want to sound stereotypical but you got that Ricky Martin thing going on. You have the arm thing like Bruce Springsteen.”

I know this lady doesn’t like to eat cake, but if I was a piece of cake, I’m pretty sure she would have tried to eat me. I let her know that I was nasty and just got out of the gym.

“ It’s ok. You have the right amount of disheveled. You got those hairs all up and fixed and some falling down. You have Charisma.”

After all those comments about my nasty poofy hair and about my smile, I was glad my damn stop was next…
“Make sure to watch the show at 10pm on Thursdays and you’ll know who I’m talkin’ about!”

I don’t even remember how she started talking about the Marlboro man and gunsmoke but that was time I realized I needed to *vroooooom* right out of there.

Ugh, I can only imagine what the people on the bus were thinking… I’m totally going to write a one-act play about the whole thing and get Ricky Martin and Whoopi Goldberg to star in it…

I’m listening to Taylor Swift in the dark, again. French Fry sent out a blurry group snapchat of some dude…Idk who he was but it made me mopey… I hate not having relationship options…

I emailed a strictly platonic ad the other day. The girl sent me a pic – she was really cute but also really thug. We have been emailing back and forth but I got annoyed when her last email was “Yes.”

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, October 5th, 2014
3:09 am
You don't bring me flowers anymore...
I couldn't think of a title so decided to quote damn Barbara Streisand...

I was deep into dreamland when my friend texted me about her dating experiences (actually, I got up to pee before she texted me). She's been talking to some manly dude that got a big hint about bringing flowers. Seems he made plans to surprise her with some, but never did. On top of that, my friend said he split the check on her...twice.

I told her I was so upset by that, I was going to blog about it.

Seriously, who does that? I'm short, hunchback, and live in a van down by the river, but I would never have my date split the check with me. I don't know if it's because I'm brown and instinctually want to bring all my dates flowers, a cow and a mariachi band, but you don't do that.

I'm thinking about the most recent experiences I've had with girls...

  • During the summer, my friends took me to get ice cream and to meet some girl. I wasn't really interested, but paid for her ice cream anyway.

  • The day I moved away from Arizona, I had breakfast with French Fry, the very cute and very young undergrad. She tried to pay for the bill, but I had gone in and paid for it when I was getting her a box for her biscuits and gravy and her pancakes. (By the way, she finally texted me after not hearing from her for two weeks.)

  • The day Hairball told me she wasn't interested in me, she paid for my tea. She insisted because I've paid for her times before. I didn't want to feel like I didn't contribute, so I paid for the annoying hobo's sandwich. "What's this? What's in this?" That's an exception...Ugh, I'm still so mad about how that unfolded...

  • The date before the tea, I took Hairball to a  wedding. That morning I went out and got her a bouquet of flowers - I can't remember the last time I wanted to get a girl flowers. ...then I made the mistake of holding her hand...

  • My crush/friend, a couple years back took me out on a "lesbian date" to a fancy Italian restaurant - including glasses of wine - and I couldn't let her get the check. I paid for her. I think she was really sad and needed to go out. *sigh*

Am I missing something? Did the feminists succeed in changing the dating rules? Wasn't that the only thing feminists didn't want to change? lol

I don't mind a girl paying for something small once in a while if she really, really insists, but splitting the check on a potential love interest is unacceptable - at least I thought so?

Ugh...I'm listening to Josh Groban. I hate, HATE him...I remember going to Barnes and Noble with Lisa and getting pissed off when they'd play his entire record. Nothing ruins browsing Suicide Girls compilations and sex books like Josh Groban making you feel like you're at church. "You raise me upppppp..." Hell, I think my dad even commented on that song once, "Are they playing chuch music on the radio?"

I saw an episode of the Simpsons where Lisa Simpson made friends with some little girl that used her imagination to escape her boring, lonely life. I felt like looking up the corny song they used on the show.

lol I'm just thinking about Lisa saying I was "poppy." I never denied liking pop music, but I end up listening to it ten years after everyone gets into it. I can't help if I love "Lady in Red" and, yes, I spent the entire summer listening to Taylor Swift's Fearless,spooning my pillow high as a kite and wishing I was holding hands with someone. That album came out like a billion years ago - I remember driving around with a girl I wanted to date that had that cd blaring.

Speaking about being dated, I was reading some celebrity site and an article came out about the blurred lines girl (I bet Robin Thicke splits the bill - I imagine him shimmying while passing the bill to his date - "I know you want it! I know you want it!" *shimmies away*). Because I had never actually seen the video and it's been out for like two years or something, I looked it up. The unrated version has a lot of boobs...it kind of made me feel dirty. Also, the entire time I was watching it I was like "Gibby's girlfriend is hot and naked!" Everyone knows the blurred lines girl as the blurred lines girl, I know her as Gibby's girlfriend from iCarly.

I've been on this weird fixation with eyebrows - the darker and thicker the better - gibby's girlfriend has nice eyebrows.

Current Mood: pensive
Saturday, September 6th, 2014
6:44 pm
Watching Napoleon Dynamite
I love the music in Napoleon Dynamite - lol I happen to have all those cheesy songs on my ipod.

Anyway, whenever I think about love, I think about the ending to Napoleon Dynamite. When I fall in love it's totally going to be like that...and "The Promise" would also play. God, I love that song so much...

"I caught you a delicious bass."

I'm not sure how it came up, but I was texting Hairball once about Napoleon Dynamite. I ended mentioning "The Promise" and she ignored my text. :( Looking back, that was a bad sign...No one should ignore "The promise" *Sigh...*

Current Mood: nostalgic
Friday, September 5th, 2014
8:28 pm
Today day ends my first week at my new job. It's been a bit overwhelming and hectic but lots of fun.

I came home and, unintentionally, had the manliest dinner ever. It was a piece of beef wrapped in bacon, mashed potatoes and a shot of tequila. I totally lost my unexpected man points watching the Disney Channel while eating it.

The weirdest thing about work is the commute. I've never had to do a commute before. I walk to the bus stop then take an hour trip to town then repeat it at the end of the day. It's so necessary too - I seriously think it would be a huge hassle trying to drive my car all the way to work. On top of that, the parking permit is crazy expensive. I think it was like $100+ a month...a month!

I still don't have friends or a social life. I've been scoping around work and it seems like I'm not going to really find anyone cool enough to hang around with. I really think I'm going to be alone and friendless for the rest of my life...I'm not being mopey, I'm stating what I think is going to end up being my reality.

I think one day I'm going to do something big and substantial at work, but I'm going to be stuck as the loneliest person in the world.

I'm listening to random songs in Spanish - i tend to do that when I want to think of home lol.

Current Mood: content
Sunday, July 20th, 2014
11:07 pm
Paula Cole's "Where have all the Cowboys gone" is kind of funny...
Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
3:11 pm
Tommy: Years One through Six – The official Soundtrack
I’ve been mentally planning this for six years. Now that I’m finally done with school, I can give you my official Tommy: Years One through Six Official Soundtrack. I imagined that every year in grad school was a graphic novel (lol not as cool as Batman: Year One) that documented the stories that made me become who I currently am. It even got to the point where there were different versions of myself – like I would refer back to things like “well “Year One Tommy” would have blah blah blah…”

These songs are, obviously, things I was listening to, but it was also music I assigned to people, situations and/or had meaning to something that I did.
I tried to group the songs based on the people/situations/emotions and roughly by year it was relevant to…I’m pretty sure my old blog entries could piece together the stories (Please don’t judge my cheesy/gay song selections!!)

I’m doing this from memory and feel like I’m missing some important songs and bands (The Killers, Mazzy Star, Chairlift, A TON of DM, Smiths, And One, Morrissey)

Here I go again – Whitesnake
Bizarre Love Triangle (The 6-minute version) – New Order
Save a Prayer – Duran Duran
Love Story – Taylor Swift
Lay it on the line – Triumph
Illusion – VNV Nation
all I have – Clan of Xymox

Like a Virgin – Madonna
Cherish – Madonna
The Promise – When in Rome
Girlfriend in a Coma – The Smiths
The Climb – Miley Cyrus
Betcha by Golly, Wow – The Stylistics

Te llore todo un Rio – Mana
I don’t mind if you forget me – Morrissey
Unloveable – The Smiths
Father Figure – George Michael
Through the Darkness – Tiger Army
No Surprises – Radiohead
In praise of Bacchus - Type O Negative

Static Mind – Girl in a coma
Si Una Vez – Girl in a coma
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Selena
My Love Life – Morrissey

Here is the house – Depeche Mode
Aubrey – Bread
I am not a Robot – Marina and the Diamonds
Born to Die – Lana Del Rey
Coco Jambo – Mr. President

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Against the Wind – Bob Seger
Ride – Lana Del Rey
Mother – Pink Floyd
Little Red Corvette - Prince
Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
Reel around the Fountain – The Smiths
Your Love – The Outfield

San Francisco: Year One
Now that I’m moving, I’ve already started compiling the new soundtrack
1. West Coast – Lana Del Rey
2. Black Beauty – Lana Del Rey

PS: There used to be this goth dude in high school – I talked to him more after high school than during – named Sera (short for Seraphim). Whenever I thought up him or heard Jefferson Starship’s “Sara,” I always imagined someone making a cheesy youtube picture montage of him to that song…
Saturday, April 26th, 2014
5:44 pm
Counting down the days I escape from here
It’s been a lonely weekend – it’s been a lonely few months – it’s been a lonely semester… All I want to do is walk to my favorite bar, listen to Misfits and drink a couple Jack and cokes. Sucks I can’t find anyone to do that with…

Yesterday, as I was meeting with undergrads, I busted out a bottle of wine and drank as I advised them on their project.

"You're allowed to drink here?"
"Probably not - I just don't care anymore."

The more I drank the more annoyed I got that Hairball was around and flirting with the other guys in the department.

"I really need to get out of here," I quickly packed up my computer and walked the students downstairs. On my way home, some douche canoe almost ran into me skateboarding...

After sleeping for a bit, I put an order for a fancy Texas burger and a side of tater tots. I had been craving food from this restaurant for months... Every time my friend and I passed by, it was either too busy, or her boyfriend wasn't hungry.

Her boyfriend is so lame. He keeps us from doing anything. I invited them out to hang out last night and she claimed they were all too tired to do anything.

I ended up going to bed at 8...

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get the courage today to finally walk to the bar and order me a Jack and coke...
Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
1:40 pm
Fun times working from home
I can’t freaking listen to Erasure’s “Mon L’amour” without thinking about Portlandia and giggling. I’ve actually been giggling a lot lately. The super sad thing about it is that I’m always alone when I do it.
Also, hours are spent daydreaming and creating memories of things that never happened but should’ve happened. *sigh*
I have a dilemma: If you attract losers, does that means you must be one too, right? *double sigh*
Depeche Mode
Very quickly, I have been wanting to do my dream Depeche Mode setlist (in no particular order). I was thinking about this after seeing them live…
1. See you
2. Blasphemous Rumors
3. Here is the house
4. Black Celebration
5. Enjoy the Silence
6. But not tonight (Dave Gahan and not Martin Gore singing)
7. A question of time
8. Strangelove
9. Behind the wheel
10. Sacred
11. Policy of Truth
12. Personal Jesus
13. Shake the disease
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