Ba-doinger (ba_doinger) wrote,

Counting down the days I escape from here

It’s been a lonely weekend – it’s been a lonely few months – it’s been a lonely semester… All I want to do is walk to my favorite bar, listen to Misfits and drink a couple Jack and cokes. Sucks I can’t find anyone to do that with…

Yesterday, as I was meeting with undergrads, I busted out a bottle of wine and drank as I advised them on their project.

"You're allowed to drink here?"
"Probably not - I just don't care anymore."

The more I drank the more annoyed I got that Hairball was around and flirting with the other guys in the department.

"I really need to get out of here," I quickly packed up my computer and walked the students downstairs. On my way home, some douche canoe almost ran into me skateboarding...

After sleeping for a bit, I put an order for a fancy Texas burger and a side of tater tots. I had been craving food from this restaurant for months... Every time my friend and I passed by, it was either too busy, or her boyfriend wasn't hungry.

Her boyfriend is so lame. He keeps us from doing anything. I invited them out to hang out last night and she claimed they were all too tired to do anything.

I ended up going to bed at 8...

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get the courage today to finally walk to the bar and order me a Jack and coke...
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