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Ditched school and drank...

I couldn't sleep last night. The voices inside my head told me to quit academia - that my life would be easier...

When I finally woke up at 6am, I got ready and went to the gym and worked out...decided, after the gym, that I would go work the coffee shop. At the coffee shop, I worked next to a hipster that was shaking for all the caffeine he had consumed. It seemed like he was some sort of computer programmer - he was friends with ambig computer programmer girl, that's usually at the coffee shop with me. He kept pounding on the keyboard and tweaking out...

After working, I went to a bar a couple blogs away. EVERYONNNNE was either Spanish (from spain) or Irish...The bartender wasn't very nice, but she got away with it because of her damn Dolores O'Riordan. No joke, every time she came to ask me if everything was cool, I just kept picturing this in my head:

WTF is my landlord doing? Her and her Grey Gardens son are in front of my window doing something... they're always working on something in the house. Dude, when are you going to move away from home?
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